Wrangler Juniors’ Q-Baby Tuff Buck Stretch Boot Cut Jean

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Wrangler Cowgirl Cut Ultimate Riding Jeans.
Comfort meets beauty. With stretch denim, flat seams for added comfort and a no gap waistband that keeps your shirt tucked in, you”ll never want to ride in another pair of jeans. And with a slimming, stylish cut, you”re sure to make even the toughest cowboys feel a bit weak in the knees. 99% Cotton/1% Spandex, 12 oz. Tuff Buck Denim.


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G. Lietzke – Awesome
The fit is very comfy, along with being a little snug but not tight feeling. Nice heavier weight to the denim without being stiff like so many jeans are. Classic vintage look, non blingy, they have nice rear pocket placement and an attractive wide & slightly rounded W on rear pockets. As a rule I hate pockets that are placed wide apart – might as well put a wide load sign on your rear end! The slanted coin/key front 5th pocket placement is a nice touch, subtle but cool. Front pockets are average size/use – not super sized but at least they are useful if needed.
The Tuff Buck has bit of a vintage denim look to them, medium to light medium, slight discoloring like they have been washed a few times but no fake worn spots. The size listed was 7/8(med)32. They did not shrink shorter like some Levi’s I’ve had from the dryer. They are as long as my Levi’s I bought in 8L & 10L. I wear 28L in Miss Me and Rock Revival. I wear a 6 in Jeans from AZI, Jones New York, Ann Taylor and Macys Style brand. I normally like 33″ or 34″ in the length – I am 5’5″ and like to wear heels from 2.25 – 3.5″. These jeans sit at a mid rise to higher mid rise level, just right. No old lady look but not as low as some others. Best of all I found they do not gap, sag, pull and they hold thier shape for a couple of days too. Great for travel, perfect on a long flight or Riding the 4-wheeler! Best to buy them snug but not tight. They will expand slightly after a day but not enough to ditch them.
I will buy them again. Good value for the money! So glad I found them – they Rock! I found them visiting up North @ Cabela’s in Mi. Note they did not have them in short or long lengths, was around $47. Save the shipping and hassle shopping once you know which one fits you best & buy them on-line. I have saved a lot in shipping over the years buying w/ Amazon’s prime deal. Most times they beat eBay prices & if an item is around the same price somewhere else on line – you can’t knock the 2 day free shipping from Amazon. Love it
C.Bott – Great
These are the only jeans I will wear because they always fit. I don’t have to go to a store and try on different sizes. I can depend on Wrangler Q-Baby jeans to fit like the last pair.
Sara C – Nice and Long
These jeans are really nice. The weight is medium. They come up to a normal waist height. They do stretch out when you wear them all day. They would be comfortable to do anything in. The 36 inch length is wonderful for taller girls. Most tall pants are only a 34 inch length. My daughter is 6 ft and even after washing the length is fine with her boots on. We will definitely be ordering more of these


Wrangler Juniors’ Q-Baby Tuff Buck Stretch Boot Cut Jean

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