What bra to wear under backless dress?

By admin • Dresses • 25 Apr 2016

Going backless? Splendid. Have you decided on the bra yet? Or, are you still pondering over? To wear it or not to wear it, is the question. Right? Well, by all means wear it. But, wear it with style and poise.

Backless adhesive bra


This bra is for the women with small breast size. It provides comfortable fitting. However, the only problem with this type of bra is the adhesive. Sometimes the adhesive does not work properly. This is another problem women face while raising their arms. Those with larger breast size might find it difficult to wear this bra. Check out this backless adhesive bra by Tidetell.


Bra Cups Stick Ons


This is another bra type which is suitable for the women with smaller breasts. The bra comes with two silicon sticks with adhesive. This can be used more than three times.


Stick On Bra


For strapless or backless outfits, this is the perfect bra type. It comes with adhesive silicon. The bra is known to offer comfort and proper lift.


Low Back Bra – wear under backless dress (for large breasts)


If you are looking for proper support, this is the one for you. Women with larger breasts can safely wear this type of bra. You can wear this normal way or you can wrap the strap around your neck and wear it like halter neck.



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