Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thong

By admin • Intimates • 21 Oct 2012

This Hanky Panky lace thong is a favorite with celebrities. This is available as one One size fits all.  The wide waist band on this thong does not dig in.  The stretch lace is not visible under pants.

The famous Hanky Panky 4811 thong is available in great colors 100% Nylon Lining Trim: 90% nylon 10% spandex Lining: 100% cotton.

Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thong reviews

See what people who have bought this lace thong have to say about the product -

AnonymousI rate it five stars, but really it should be 500.
These are AMAZING. I’d always hated thongs, but these are so soft, stretchy, sexy and so very well cut I changed my mind. (They machine wash too) You’ll love them- buy several!

P.S. I’m a lingerie junkie– I’v bought and tried everything from La Perla to victoria’s secret and back again; just so you know I mean it when I say: YOU WILL LOVE THESE!
Customer  – I am sold. I hate thongs. DESPISE them. Would much rather go commando. I read once in a medical publication that physicians warn against g-strings and thongs that wedge themselves in you-know-where because the fabric acts as a wick for bacteria to migrate forward. (Try not to vomit.) Well, I’m one of those people who can’t get a picture like that out of her mind once it, er, wedges itself in there, so I was about as anti-thong as a person could be. But sometimes you can’t (or don’t dare) go commando. In that case, a thong is mandatory. What to do?? A salesperson sold me on the Hanky Panky thong, and I’m thrilled to say that she didn’t misguide me. The fit is loose (I know, a loose thong?–but that’s the best way I can describe it) so the fabric skims the outside of your body and doesn’t wedge itself in. They’re the ONLY comfortable thong I’ve ever worn. So: comfy fit, no bacteria wicking — you can’t do better than that.
Customer -pretty, comfortable, and low maintenance
These are very pretty lace, but they stay put, and really are one size fits most. I throw them in the gentle wash and low temp dry, heck with the hand washing business. These are convenient, I would buy them again.

Rachel UrbanAbsolutely love these stretch lace thongs

It is like these thongs are not even made of material at all…invisible to touch…great underneath clothing and very easy to care for – DO NOT DRY!!!

S. Welch – Perfect fit and rise

I am a size 8 and middle aged I love thongs because they are generally comfy and leave a smooth silhouette. But lately all the thongs I find are low rise. I wanted some mid rise thongs for a leaner look. These panties provide that, but they still are fun and sexy. The lace is soft too. I hate scratchy lace. I am now buying the 5 pack!

Darlene- So comfortable

This product is worth the price. My first experiences with Hanky Panky lace thongs were with the original and the low-rise. For a thong, I can’t imagine them being made any more comfortably. They serve the purpose of not exposing those terrible panty lines. The soft, stretchy lace lays gently along the hip area and doesn’t cause any bulging (for those who may have some extra padding in that area) causing that “muffin-top” look. Low-rise skinny jeans are a staple for me, so having panties that don’t peak out the back is very important. While both the original style 4811(5″ rise) and especially the low-rise style 4911(3.5″ rise) provide that hidden coverage, for my body type the mid-rise style 6334 is best for me. They’re not too long and not too short, just right at 4.5″ rise. From now on, I’ll be purchasing the mid-rise. That’s not to say that I still don’t love the original and low rises I own; they will still be used!

Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thong Available in several different colors 

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