Best perfumes for Men Under $20

By admin • Fragrances, Men • 30 Mar 2015

Here are the top 10 best perfumes for men under $20, a mix of quality and unbeatable price.


  1. Just Me by Paris Hilton for Men – $19.79  This amazing cologne by Paris Hilton House is ideal for everyday wear.  This may well be your best-kept secret.  For just under $20, this is a steal.  To specify the scent, it is a mild version of Armani  Aqua Di with an invigorating lemony fragrance, that gives you a ‘just showered’ impression.  Bear in mind that since it is a cologne, it may not last long but the initial fragrance definitely carries a spell.  Though you can wear it everyday with the citrus base notes, the bes times would be summer and spring.
  2. Antoino Banderas Seduction In Black for Men Eau-de-Toilette Spray $19.99–  It has an intense – but not too overwhelming,  sexy manly scent. It is a mix of spicy and floral but still masculine in its own right. Another way of putting it would be fresh black Oriental smell followed by sweet musk.  If you are looking for a seductive cologne this is the one.  The scent lasts for about 8 hours with one spray on the arm.
  3. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette $19.87-  Quite a great deal if you buy it online here, the price is slashed by almost $40.  Nice clean smell for all round freshness and at an unbeatable price.
  4. Usher For Men -$19.75 . It has a refreshing business-oriented smell and is equally good for parties.
  5. Michael Jordan By Michael Jordan for Men-  $17.83Launched by the Design House of Michael Jordan, it is recommended for casual wear.  The fragrance is great, not too overwhelming. The cologne smels masculine and fresh and can rival the likes of Ralph Lauren and other expensive brands on the basis of price and quanity.
  6. Versace Pour Homme by Gianni Versace – $13.95  The cologne is not too strong and not too light, just good enough. The fragrance  notes are Jasmine, Moroccan cedar wood, musk, kashmir wood, azalea
  7. Mont Blanc Legend – The bottle  contains aromatic notes of lavender, geranium, pineapple leaf, sandalwood and other exotic material.
  8. Pi by Givenchy Eau de Toilett -  With the scintillating smell  of sandalwood and patchouli,  this is known to score very well with the opposite sex.  A review writer on Amazon even went on to say how this cologne played its part in getting him married, because the sensual scent had a  cascading effect on her lady love.
  9. Playboy New York Men Eau de Toilette – For a cheap price, this one outscores many other top-line brands on quality.
  10. Versace Eros By VERSACE  – $16.85 – The woody smell defines the male sexuality. With an oriental vibe and an adventurous aura around it,  you will smell classy, rich and masculine. Go for it.

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